Sportsbook tips – how do I know which ones are the good sites? Part Two

BetRedKings provides a free bet for every day of the group stage. The second match of the group phase has now begun and there is the second part of the bonus. You have to not have used the first bonus in order now to have the right to use the second bonus. First, pay at least 20 Ђ with the following bonus code: EUROB2. Then place a Ђ 20 standard bet on Denmark – Portugal and get a Ђ 10 free bet in-play for Holland – Germany (And here naturally wins Germany); it is best not to use the 10 Ђ set to begin, but to wait for the rising stakes.

The third free bet of this bonus offer is to be available on the 17.6. for the Ireland against Italy game. You can also still start all new at BetRedKings and take the 50 Ђ Signup Bonus. The minimum stake for a bet on the European Cup match Denmark – Portugal is 1.5.

Expekt – 0:0 Insurance

Betfair pays Ђ 50 back to you if you have placed a bet with the amount of 5 Ђ to 50 Ђ on half time/final result, the exact match result or the first goal scorer. The bet must have been given before the game starts. And it is only per game in the group stage that you can be refunded on your bet. Of course, you also take the 77 Ђ Signup Bonus and log at Expekt as well.
BetVictor: Penalty Missed – Ђ 50 Back!

With BetVictor you can play again with Calli. If in any game in the Euro 2012, during the regular season, a penalty is missed, there is money to be refunded to you – up to Ђ 50 cash per person and household! But for this, you have to have used your mobile for the games and have betted on the first / last goal scorer, or to have guessed the correct score or score cast. Then there are 50 Ђ waiting for you. Here again, you can participate in the action as a regular customer. And as a new customer, you can additionally receive Ђ 100 more – take the 100% Signup Bonus, so use the chance and register with the BetVictor.

First: Only bets made via mobile phone, smart phone or tablet, take part in this action. Bets that are placed on emulators of mobile operating systems and / or mobile browsers will be excluded.

Second: The maximum reimbursement per match per household is Ђ 50 and this means given the corresponding currency equivalent below.

Third: The reimbursement applies only to bets placed before the start of the game. Live betting does not take part in this action.

Fourth: The repayment is available ONLY on the following bet types: first / last goal scorer, correct score and score cast (first scorer and final score).

Fifth: Only bets with real money is involved in and take part in this action. Bets placed with promotional cash and illegal gambling are excluded from this promotion.

Sixth: The regular game time is 90 minutes PLUS the added time. The extensions or the penalty shootouts after extra time do not count.

Seventh: All single bets on the overall winner, and the winning part of Win/Place bets (Eachway betting) will qualify for this promotion. Combination bets are excluded.

Eighth: Repayment income to be received within 24 hours.

Ninth: BetVictor reserves the right to change this offer without prior notice or suspension.

Tenth: The decision of BetVictor regarding this promotion is final and unappeasable.

Eleventh: This promotion is subject to specific terms and conditions as mentioned herein, and the terms and conditions on wwwdotbetvictordotde.

Sportsbook tips – how do I know which ones are the good sites?

Are you betting and then want to have all leagues and even sports in sight? This is in truth impossible. Actually, there is only one system that works, and namely – we concentrate on very few leagues, the ones that we know very well. But whether it is worth it, and whether you can concentrate on the Bundesleague only, is doubtful.

Because in the top leagues there are also the bookies who would know things best, of course, because this is the biggest betting market. The minor leagues are not usually seen as strong or worthwhile.

Which team is the favorite in the Euro 2012?

Sports betting is of course also very popular when it comes to the European and World Championships. A question which most of us ask themselves is just naturally, of course, who will win the title in the end. This year, the speculations run at bwindotcom at a full swing, as Spain and Germany can afford to compete shoulder to shoulder at the top of the chart of the possible overall winners.

The Spaniards have already snapped up the title in both the 2008 European Championship and the 2010 World Cup in front of their very noses, and surely, of course, we wonder if they will do it for a third time, or if the German national team now is well prepared against the Southerners.

At the moment, the two teams are with 11/4 at number one. In the FIFA world rankings, the first planetary place is reserved for Spain. Currently, the Netherlands players are in third place. Whoever wants to put his money on the color of orange, expects a 7/1 chance at that. The Dutch, however, in a friendly against Bulgaria, suffered a defeat, which happened so shortly before the European Championships that the motivation can not really be at especially high level.

The Netherlands is ranked in fourth place in the FIFA world rankings, but the list would only apply to Europe, so they would also occupy the third place. The chances for Germany’s biggest competitors are therefore not so bad at all.

In the fourth place, the French have a 23/2 chance of winning. We can all remember the spectacular final game in the 2006 World Cup in which the Italian player Materazzi missed a head-butt played by Zidane. But in the World Cup two years ago, the performance of the French team was much weaker.

The team has changed since the change of their coach, and it looks very much as if the chances, among other things, also have greatly improved.

The odds and speculation change of course, but in the top, these six are to be considered – Spain, Germany, Holland, England, France and Italy. It will be exciting and we can only sit back and wait to see if our bets are to pay off in the end. On bwindotcom you can find the latest Euro 2012 odds for Germany and other national teams.

What will happen next with the betting shop tax?

Since 01.07.2012 the new state treaty on gaming is in effect, and since then, for all sports betting in Germany, the new rule is to deliver 5% betting tax to the state. Most bookmakers, such as Bet365, calculate the tax payment to the bettors, so you can place your bets with this bookmaker even without paying the tax. Thus, it is of course more difficult for German customers to bet at a profit. The odds are, of course, with the 5% tax, also getting 5% worse.

Fortunately, there are still some betting bureaus where you can bet without filing a tax. These either do not give these taxes on to the customers, but they pay out your winnings. Or the other option is that they pay no tax at all, and then eventually get problems with the German tax authorities. The betting shop’s customer has to fear no disadvantages, as the IRS will not come to check him. This is because the tax is payable by the betting shop on to the German state and not by the customer himself who bets.

The 5% tax rate then turns, for example, a 2nd stake into a 1.95 ratio stake, in the case when the betting office paid only taxed profits. If the betting office preserves the 5% on the entire sales which are made, then the ratio falls to 1.90, and everyone can well see that it is here that there will be very large differences. So, it is better if the first stake comparisons include the tax within themselves, and also take into consideration that there are still betting shops that are taking no tax. With these betting companies you can still be placing your bets without tax.

But as a customer, you should not seek out only these betting shops to count on, as eventually the odds are still worse than, for example, in the Pinnacle Sports who often have the best rates on the market. It is also the case that you as a customer, should be on the safe side no matter what the betting shop you would choose to place your bets at. It is still not quite sure which bookies have got a license for Germany.

This will certainly be decided in the upcoming weeks. A problem for the German sports bettors is definitely the closing down of the betting exchange Betfair, because, so there is only the Betdaq Betting Exchange on the German sports betting market at present. Unfortunately, there the sales are still low.

The developments at the German sports betting market still remain exciting. Surely, there will soon be again enough alternatives on the market, and also online betting shops in the cities are going to be open again. But there will be no more at home in Germany such a sports betting paradise as in England.